Friday, February 8, 2013

The stats ...

All important in these weight loss journeys is marking the beginning
so we have somewhere to gauge our efforts against.
So for the record:
I weigh 114.5kg. 
I'm 5 foot 6
37 years old.

I have written down my body measurements somewhere, so will add them later but so you can paint the picture, I'm a size 22 in pants and size 18-20 in tops.
My stomach measurement is bigger then my bust measurement, suffice to say that my greatest aim is to lose my gut.
It hasn't always been like that. Probably just the last ten years really. I usually carry weight around my hips, thighs and butt, for some reason though I now appear to be 8 months pregnant at all times!
Not sure if that's something to do with getting older, but what I do know s that it's the worst place to be carrying extra weight as far as your health is concerned.

So it's gotta go!

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