Friday, February 15, 2013

My start tactic ...

Beginning my weight loss journey this year did not come about as a result of a new years resolution. Rather it was something I decided to do once my littlest one started primary school.

This is for two reasons. Firstly because I have made the commitment to walk and do drop off and pick up at school everyday and secondly because I walk past my gym everyday that I walk him to school. So it seemed an easy transition, school drop off, gym, then home to do some work.

Our walk to school is 25 minutes. So for me that's 4 x 25 minutes walk by the time I go there and back home for each trip. That in itself is a big addition to my daily exercise.

 I work for myself, which mostly entails sewing at a machine, sitting at a computer or my one shift a week in the shop that I have my stock in. So I'm guessing, I don't even get 1000 steps a day in, let alone the recommended 10,000 a day we all should be doing just to be healthy.

To begin with my plan is to commit to walking to school and back everyday as well as going to gym 3 times a week to do resistance training.

It probably seems quite a small start but I know that I am so unfit that I could only manage a small beginning without burning myself out.

All the things  I read about resistance training tell me that it's the number one thing to do to boost your metabolism and give you more energy.

Energy is something I struggle with big time.
I have been diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome, but ... a big part of me thinks that this is a diagnosis that doctors give you when they can't find any other reason for you  being so tired and depleted of energy all the time.

I think I eat bad, I sleep terribly, I don't exercise and I stress far too much about ridiculously unimportant things.
So I tend to believe these are reasons why I am so lethargic ALL THE TIME.

My plan anyway is to ease myself into this bout of healthfulness a bit gentler then I usually would, so that  hopefully I can sustain it a bit longer and of course if my energy comes back I will change it around and up my program.

Will keep you posted.
Jay xx

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