Monday, February 4, 2013

Another beginning ...

I say another beginning, as like most overweight people, this is not the first time I have tried to lose this extra weight that insists on following me around.

I have been over 100kg my entire adult life, with exception of two times that I managed to get myself down to 89kg ish.

I'm 37 now, so that makes it 20 odd years that I have battled with weight issues.

The two times I lost weight and got down to the 80's were both at the sacrifice of social life, and so much more. I didn't go out, I worked two jobs, ate barely anything and worked out everyday. So it's no surprise that both those times it didn't stick. It wasn't at all sustainable.

I've tried the soup diet, herbalife, weight watchers, no carbs, high protein, etc...Like most overweight people, I've tried it all.

I think... I know, where I fall down is lacking consistency. I don't ever do any of these for any consistent period of time. So I can not say to you that all the previous mentioned diet plans don't work, cause they do and they worked for me. But only for a week or two, or a month or two, till I went back to my old ways.

Going back to your old ways of course, means going back to your old weight.

We are such creatures of comfort and if it's easy, requires no effort and warms the cockles of my heart like only a good sticky date pudding can ... then that's what I'm gunna fall back on every time.

So what's different this time ...

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Well, after many years, I have come to the realisation that what I lack is the commitment to see something through beyond that honeymoon period.

I honestly have a 3 month threshold, where i will be so strict and really motivated and then I'll think I'm working so hard, sacrificing so much and achieving so little. I don't lose 1 kilo a week like those chicks on t.v I lose .2 or .5 if I'm lucky. So I just become defeated.
I don't see the glory in my small achievements, I just see the failure in not losing it quick enough or not being able to live life like my friends who seem to eat and drink whatever they want whilst maintaining goddess like bodies.

So what happens is I make new years resolutions, i work like a dog for 3 months, lose 7 kilos then give up. The next 3 months I put the 7 kilos back on, then it hits mid year and I want to look good for summer so I start again. I go well for 3 months, then party season starts, good weather, daylight savings etc. lots of things that make me say why do I need to diet I should be out enjoying life.

So again...I give up.

You see my vicious cycle hey!

I lose the same 7 kilos , over and over and over again.

So here's my tactic this year.


don't stop after 3 months, push through.
Push through for a year, just keep on keeping on and see if we can overcome the helpless cycle. I know ...god knows I know, it will be slow. But even at .5 per week after one year that would be 26kg, which is a hell of a lot better then 7kg.

So that's it in a nutshell.

I know and you know how to lose weight.
Eat less, move more.
It's not rocket science. It's just a matter of applying what we know and sticking to it.

Now in honesty I'm writing this reflectively, I have been on this new beginning for four months now.
At a few stages I have had to reassess, change things up and keep myself motivated.
At each little bump in the road I find myself going to the journal and writing it all down to try and clarify things in my head. Well I don't actually have a journal, so there are just ramblings scattered around the house here and there on odd notepads.
Reminders of struggles, nutritional facts and things I've learnt about myself.
Seeing these the other day made me think I should really put those ramblings all in one place so I can make sense of them, hence beginning this blog.
I'll try and backtrack a bit an add the aha moments and the things I've discovered over the last four months to bring me up to today.

I don't really plan to share it with the community that I have built through my craft blog as it's a side of me that is a bit mental really. A defeated me, a me that struggles and stresses far too much about little things and the only people that might want to read about that are peeps in the same boat.

So if you have found me through some random search or weight loss forum, welcome.
Lets defeat these demons together.

If you have found this blog through my Finki exploits and you are thin, healthy and energetic...feel free to comment and share your insights to help me on my journey.

So onward and upward, here's hoping 2013 is the year I get on top of this, once and for all.
Jay xx

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