Friday, December 27, 2013

Well it's getting awfully close to the end of 2013 and I haven't achieved my goal ... what to do!
A small part of me thought I should fast, or go on some  crazy shake diet to get me over the line but the reality is that I'm 3.7kg off goal and there is only 4 days to go!
So let's not think crazy thoughts or do crazy things.
Truth is, that this is a life change for me, not a quick fix. So to depend on a quick fix to get me over the line is just silly and would be a shallow victory.
The reality is that I got to 94.6 in October, by the end of the challenge matter of fact. So in my head i had 8 weeks to lose the 4.6 and get myself into the 80's.
Now that should have been achievable really, but I dropped the ball.

First a week on holidays, seeing mum and the family, then my birthday and a few dinners out, then flat chat ... I kid you not working from the minute I woke to the minute I hit the hay again at night.
Hubby took over cooking for the kids as I was just so focused on building up my stock levels for the shop.

X-mas is always my busiest time of year and generally the time and energy put into other areas of my life get drawn into focusing on work.
I can't say it's the best way to manage it, just the only way I've figured so far.

So that all adds up to 2 months of neglecting my regime.

Food choices have suffered ... some days I had ice cream for lunch or lindt balls, just cause that's all I could find in the fridge!
Exercise has suffered ... as I daily had to make a decision to devote time to exercise or work and work won.

This of course has left me feeling a little disappointed in myself.
I have learnt enough this year that I could and would and should have coped better under these circumstances.

But in the end, I didn't achieve my goal, my health has suffered and I gained 2kg. No biggie in the grand scheme of things and now that Xmas is over, things have slowed down and I'm back on track.

Back at gym, eating well again and have already got to 93.7. so I've lost the extra 2kg plus some.

What this has taught me, is that you don't have to fall off the wagon and give up.
You can cope the best you know how through a tough spot, then when life can get back to normal, resume your spot in the driving seat.

I have learnt that when on auto pilot I sink back into old habits, I have also learnt that when balance comes back and you take the reigns again It is much easier to recover from 4 or 8 weeks off the beaten track then it is to recover from a year or 5 years of having given up.

It has taken me this year to lose 22kg and whilst I could have done better, 22kg is still pretty phenomenal and I do not want that to creep back on.
If i can catch it at 2 kg and get it back that is much better then trying to recover from 10 or 15 or the whole lot.
And ... my goal this year was to get under 100 kg.
I did that and it was no small feat, so I have to be happy about that.
The goal I didn't achieve was the second goal i set for the year of getting into the 80's.
but that's o.k
I have learnt sooo much in 2013 about myself. about my strengths and weaknesses and most importantly that the key to success is consistency.

That's it.
nothing more, nothing less.
If you want to be healthy, look healthy, feel healthy, then live a healthy life consistently.

Merry Xmas and Happy 2013 peeps.
For 2014 it's onward and upwards.

This year was just the beginning of my journey, the road is long and I'm so eager to continue travelling it to better health and well being.
Jay x