Thursday, April 18, 2013

Upping the cardio ...

For the last month I have made some big changes to my exercise work outs. Adding three cardio sessions to my regime of walking 5 days, resistance on two days and yoga 1 day.

I wear a heart rate monitor when I exercise, so I know to be working above 125 and preferably 140 to 160 to be in the fat burning zone. I'm just doing the treadmill, cross trainer and bike for my cardio workouts and making sure I have my little mini iPod for music to keep me focused.

If i forget my music it's such a deterrent to here myself heavy breathing and struggling, so gotta make sure the music is pumping.

 For this month so far I have only lost another 2kg. I hear myself say ONLY 2kg and think to myself I'm being unkind and not celebrating my achievements and it's true I'm not.
I'm still knocking myself for thinking this is still not good enough. I'm working so darn hard and I look at myself in the mirror and feel as though I'm looking fitter and thinner, but the scales are barely budging.

In honesty I have not been calorie counting or counting points or monitoring my food at all. So i sorta feel I must be failing there for all my hard work to be reaping such a small reward. So for next month my focus will shift to food, to see if I can't start making some major improvements.

At this rate my goal of getting to double digits wont happen till after July....aughhh...
I have zero patience!

Jay x

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